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LAST UPDATED 03-NOV-2005 13:22 Pacific Time (Greenwich-8)

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Update, 27 Oct
Apologies for the less-frequent updates recently. I've been busily learning PHP/MySQL. The new and improved dynamic IHA will debut soon to serve you even better.

This is a mostly unverified list of free, sign-up and pay image hosts suggested for use in weddings in the Valley of Fire photography and Farktography contests on the website Fark.com (but also similar contests on sites like MechaPixel and Worth1000).
If you use free hosts for these contests, I encourage you to use different hosts each time you post. Spreading the bandwidth load among a variety of free hosts reduces the chance of service outages that ruin the fun when any one host becomes too popular.

Matt Pearson aka Procedural Texture

Small is Beautiful
I can't emphasize this enough: keep your image files small. Bloated files kill servers and keep dial-up users from enjoying the contests.
At 15,000+ hits on a typical PS contest, a 60KB post generates as a gigabyte of server traffic. Shave every kilobyte you can off the image size. Properly compressed, it's a rare and detailed image that can't fit into the 20-60KB range.

Too Much of a Good Thing
Some free image hosts ask to be thanked alongside your post. This practice attracts traffic to them from their intended users: low traffic blogs etc. If any one host becomes too popular on a high traffic site like Fark, it causes an expensive spike in their traffic, and they will eventually block the Fark.com domain. Unless you want to kill their service, you probably don't want to thank or link to them.

Check Your ISP or School
You may already have all the free hosting you need. Check with your ISP or school to see if you have access to web hosting space.

Know of a free host that should added to this list? Got an opinion on the good or bad performance of a host already listed? This site only works if we share our knowledge. Your reports are appreciated: feedback[at]imagehostadvisory[dot]com

IHA Needs Your Help to Work
There is currently a backlog of about 50 image hosts that we haven't even been posted due to the number of existing hosts that haven't yet been tried. Please use untested hosts to post a comment picture in a discussion thread, a throwaway Photoshop contest entry or rehosting the 'O', and let us know how the host performs with a feedback e-mail.

For feedback, suggestions, host testing and support:
64nDh1 (backup contact for this site), a4dzac, And-1, astrnomr, BaxterSlate, chairborne, CheekyMunky, EvilToni, Flab, Fray, Grabthar, Gwinny, ifeedoffpain222, King Keepo, Koch, lukket, Michael Houghton, Mr. Fuzzypaws, Nanashi, Peteykins, prufrock2, RadioactiveMonkey, Red Cross Eyed, SECSManiac, sofashark, stevenb18hsr, theexpobill, thegrey, travis08, VelcroFez, Whoopti Dew, ybbor657, Zingle...and everyone at the Fark Photoshop forum.